Sunday, July 19, 2009

Coconut Intelligence

In a recent email, I asked my friend David about some things such as how to edit pics properly, how to tag properly and other technical stuff related to improving my writing and the presentation of this blog. I also asked him to "make me smart."Inexplicably, ahem, our conversation devolved into:

David: Can we do that when you're here? (Or is that what you were saying anyway?)
Me: Yes. That's what I was saying. lol. I am going to drink tonight. Malibu coconut rum. And pineapple juice. Yummmy.
TEN minutes later:
Me: Oh sooooo effing good. Yeah. Tropical-like. Oozing with flavour. And booze. I'm conversating with the alcohol.
ONE minute later:
Me: I'm drunk already.

TWO DAYS later:
David: WHOA. Last night: margaritas. WHOA.
Me: I HAVE to tell you. The way to go is Malibu Rum.
Way. To. Go. Such a pleasant droopy drunk, I was. And so happy. x

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Digital Style Consult

Day 2 of the haircut.
A bit of a disaster, so I bought a flat iron and some product.
Photo 65.jpg
Sarah :
We like it better today than yesterday... we being my office mates.
They were in my office while I was perusing email.

Merrianne :
Are you sure? I just had another look at it, and it kind of has the
Ontario small town secretary, khaki cargo pant middle aged office
thing going. x

Monday, July 6, 2009

Thursday, July 2, 2009

More Cowbell

An observation made to my buddy David, upon hearing that 70s rock band Prism would be performing in his neighborhood (Powell River: June 2009).

Me: I remember when I was in highschool that my then boyfriend
Steve went to Florida ...and returned with the new high tech apparatus called a....
walkman. Which was awesome!

He had a Prism cassette in there. I effing loved it so much
and thought it was so cool.

Thought that 8 track was sooooo backasswards.


Rock on.

Actually...less rocking than I remember it.

Terrible really.

Oh well. You HAVE to go to the show mang.

Then go out for a Starbucks grande decaf skinny latte.