Sunday, May 16, 2010

Feline Farewell

This is my cat Clyve. I rescued him almost twelve years ago. Back then he was feral, dirty and anti-social. For better or worse, he lost his natural instincts with me and became the dog of cats. He had all the bad kittie ailments and then some. He liked to scratch and bite, especially me. He also ate furniture. I loved him so much and he was such great company for all of those years.  Below is the stream of facebook condolences that appeared earlier this week. 

Rest in Peace Clyve.

he surely will, with so much love to buoy his spirit on its journey. my condolences.
Thursday at 19:14 ·
Thursday at 19:19 ·
Now he can play with sad
Thursday at 19:22 ·
Oh I'm so sorry to hear this sad news. Sending warm hugs xo
Thursday at 19:36 ·
very sad.
Thursday at 20:30 ·
I'm sorry, I know how hard it is losing a little buddy. He was such a sweetheart. xox
Thursday at 20:45 ·  
Clyve was a very special cat - I can still see him looking in your window before you adopted him or was it that he adopted you!
Thursday at 20:46 ·
Im so sorry to hear :(
Thursday at 20:52 ·
Oh dear! this is sad news. Clyve was a giant among cats. We really enjoyed getting to know him 2+ years ago. Condolences from the (...)s.
Thursday at 21:16 ·
sorry to hear this.
Thursday at 23:02 ·
ol' ming-manger, gonna miss him, was such a cool cat, sorry to hear that.
Thursday at 23:09 ·
Well this pretty much thoughts are with you cause he was many years in your life!
Thursday at 23:41 ·
so sorry Merri. you gave him a good life. sweet Clyve. he was such an awesome guy.
Friday at 01:06 ·

ME: He was a great cat and very talkative. Along with the ming manging, he also used to say Merle Haggard and once, Paul and I swear, he called me by name. I loved him so much.
Friday at 06:35 ·

ME: Plus, he was a three-boyfriend cat.
Friday at 06:38 ·
hey.. our cats outlive our loves often enough, eh? Sol was my buddy through not only a few lovers/relationships but also several significant moves and career changes. 18 years, he was with me. Heck, he knew more about me than many friends ever did! LOL
Yes indeed, Rest In Peace Dear Clyve!
Friday at 10:08 ·
oh, that is sad news! i'm very sorry!!
Friday at 13:27 ·
you guys gave him a great home and lifestyle. we should all be so lucky. seriously.
Friday at 13:43 ·
Very sorry, El esta ahora en El cielo de los gatitos
Yesterday at 06:16 ·

ME: Thank you everyone. It's been a difficult time, but we are celebrating Clyve and all the joy he gave to us.
Yesterday at 07:40

Friday, May 7, 2010

Fairy Tales and Other Stories

 San Diego Waterfront April 2010

Manifest your dreams with integrity and you won't lose your glass slipper.

I had a student actually request to be failed.